Organisational Development and Change Interventions



This refers to the management of a wide array of Organisational Development & Change interventions delivered on a specific & tailored basis with client sports organisations. Such interventions take place at Individual, Group or Organisation wide level. The underlying purpose of this activity is the continual improvement of organisational effectiveness within client sports organisations. The different types of interventions can generally be grouped as follows –

·         Structural, Strategic & Transformational Change

·         Human Resource & Human Process

Such interventions can include, but are not limited to the following –

·         Team Building

·         Intergroup Relations & Conflict Resolution

·         Large Group Interventions

·         Organisational Design

·         Culture Change

·         Diversity & Wellness

·         Talent Management

·         Leadership Development

·         Strategic Development & Change

·         Reward Systems

·         Employee Engagement & Involvement

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