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Service Provider Panels



The Sport Ireland Institute provides a range of science, medicine and lifestyle support services to the national governing bodies of sport (NGBs) to support their high performance programmes. These are specialist services that require a high degree of training and experience in order to meet the needs of the high performance athletes and coaches. Service areas include: strength and conditioning, physiology, nutrition, psychology, performance analysis, biomechanics, medicine and physiotherapy, athletic training, soft tissue therapy, athlete lifestyle and individual performance planning, and elite coach development.

In order to meet the service needs of NGBs, the Institute has set up specialist High Performance Service Provider Panels. In order to be eligibile to apply for work in any of the specialist areas above, service providers will need to be a member of the Panel in that specialist area. It is the intention that the Panel will operate for four years subject to the satisfactory outcome of an annual review.  Applicants can join the Panel at any stage during the term and a notice will be adverstied on eTenders each year inviting applications from suitably qualified applicants. However, existing Panel Service Providers will not be required to re-apply on an annual basis.


Application Process

If you are interested in applying to become a member of the High Performance Service Provider Panels please fill out the application form below.

Panel Information

Appendices A-E - Application Forms

Panel Operations - Schedules 1-4



Terms and Conditions

This appointment onto the Panel is being conducted by a process of competitive tender using an open procedure.  As the Services being procured fall within Annex II Part B of EU Council Directive 2004/18 EC, ISC is not under a legal obligation to comply with the full requirements of EU Council Directive 2004/18 EC as implemented by the European Communities (Award of Public Contracts) Regulations 2006. It is ISC’s intention, however, at all times, to ensure that this competition is fair, objective, transparent and non-discriminatory. This competitive tender process is open for a period of four years from 21/10/2011 until 20/10/2015.

Full terms and conditions of are contained the in Application Form.


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